About Us

Our columnists are a collection of advertising, digital marketing, and PR agency owners and advisors who are experts in agency business development, client services, team building, and managing money. Our primary sponsor is Indie Books International, which serves agency owners who want to attract right-fit clients by publishing a book they are proud of. The Indie Books point of view is the number one marketing tool to attract right-fit clients is a book targeted to a niche, and the number one sales strategy is to talk about the book to members of that target niche.

Our Mission

To assist small-to-midsized agencies by helping them have more right-fit clients, more leadership skills, and become more profitable.

Our Values

Our values are generosity, mutual assistance, and achieving more together.

Our Beliefs

We believe agency owners want to win the game of business. They are extremely smart and desire to crack the code. 

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