Navigating The AI Content Creation Landscape: A Guide For Agencies

by | Feb 19, 2024 | Client Services, Featured

Ready for a crazy statistic or two? According to Forbes Advisor, not only is AI market size expected to exceed $40 billion by 2027, over 60 percent of businesses expect AI to increase their productivity. This points to businesses increasing adoption of these tools, including using platforms like ChatGPT to create content for marketing purposes. This may feel like the land of make believe but not everything is a fairy tale.

So how can your agency leverage AI for content creation, and make sense of all the platforms available?

Use the right tool for the job. When you are considering leveraging AI tools for content creation, what type of content are you hoping to create? Short form video, social media posts, articles, graphics can all be created with a variety of AI tools. And with so many new tools emerging, take the time to research and test those tools (since many of those tools provide free access).

Research how others are using the tools for additional insight. So many people are jumping onto the AI bandwagon, and each has a different take on the subject. See what others are using and testing, and what they have found to be helpful, or not. This is a time of exploration, and there are no fast and true ways of using AI, which provides interesting discussions and food for thought.

First iteration is the first of many. When you do test these tools, and even commit to a few, the first generative response will not be the final one. Take the first response as a starting point that should be fact-checked for accuracy and modified to add in your brand DNA. Put the content into your brand voice and add facts that are aha moments.

Don’t follow. Lead. There is also one additional item that should always be added to your content, regardless of the channel. Your subject matter expertise should be added to create something thought provoking and new. The content you create should highlight your area of genius, and content created with the assistance of AI is no different.

The face of AI has been changing rapidly, and that shift can feel unsettling. Content creation with AI can be a great tool, as long as there is the understanding it is one of many tools to help productivity and creativity. Just like the introduction of the calculator (where you still have to understand math), AI tools are designed to assist, not to replace. The narrative on how you can use AI in your business, including creating more and better content, is still being written. The moral, therefore, is to take that first step and see where it leads you.

Lisa Apolinski

Lisa Apolinski is the CEO of 3 Dog Write, a digital consulting agency. She works with businesses who want to accelerate revenue and take market share using digital means. In the last eight years, she has helped her clients create nearly $1 billion in revenue growth. She is the author of "Grow Your Market Share In A Zombie Apocalypse," "Persuade With A Digital Content Story," and "Weathering The Digital Storm." Because of her thought leadership on digital engagement, she has been dubbed “America’s Digital Content Futurist.